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South Africa's data protection law has real-life consequences

South Africaโ€™s Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) is there to protect us because the misuse of personal information has real-life consequences. Take it seriously.

Digital transformation in financial services is an ongoing process

Digital transformation has been ongoing in most financial service organizations for some time. As such, many should be ready in time for the POPIA deadline in South Africa.

Implementation of POPIA delayed in South Africa

Eight days before the full commencement of the Protection of Personal Information Act, the Information Regulator (South Africa) kicked the can down the road even further citing technical glitches in its IT systems that resulted in the suspension of the portal registrations.

Partnership for online financial literacy in South Africa

Worth is Discovery Bankโ€™s financial education partner after the bank partnered with South African startup, Cumulative, to offer online financial literacy courses. Discovery Bank clients with Vitality Money will be able to access Worth online courses at a discounted rate.

The first Innovation and Digital Centre in Mthatha, South Africa

In partnership with South Africaโ€™s Department of Communications and Digital Technologies and the Eastern Cape Provincial Government, Liquid Intelligent Technologies South Africa is looking to improve digital education in Mthatha with the launch of the first Innovation and Digital Centre.

UNDP and CSIR launch affordable internet connectivity in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa

The project by the CSIR and UNDP was first launched in Mdantsane, Eastern Cape, with Mdantsane Mobile. The most recent launch was held in KZN with Adnotes TVWS Network.

Khoikhoi and San communities are opposing the building of Amazon's Africa headquarters

Amazonโ€™s planned offices in Cape Town earmarked for their Africa headquarters face a challenge from Khoikhoi and San communities who are opposing the development of the business and residential complex.