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What South Africa’s minibus taxis subsidies must prioritize

If the main purpose of subsidizing and formalizing South Africa's taxi sector is to bolster operators’ finances so that they pay more taxes, it is doomed to fail. Providing more money to the taxi sector is going to change the national government’s problems with revenue generation.

Abey Mokgwatsane on the role of leadership in brands and agencies

In this episode of The Lead Creative, Abey Mokgwatsane, the Managing Executive of Brand, Communications, and Sponsorships at Vodacom, unpacks some trends that have influenced both brand and agency relations, as well as strategy.

The legal and ethical aspects of South Africa’s COVID-19 app explained

Many countries around the world have launched digital contact tracing apps. Research models have found that the more people use these apps, the more transmission of the disease can be reduced and the more scope there is to ease quarantine measures.

South Africa is failing to harness the digital revolution

Conflict arising from the South African government’s ownership of Telkom and its regulatory role contributed to the failure to achieve digital transformation. A number of other factors have also got in the way of digital transformation.

The role of privacy regulation in fighting cybercrime

Isabella Hofmeyr-Pretorius, Legal Advisor, Capitec Bank (South Africa), and Alice Namuli Blazevic, Partner Head Technology and Innovation, Katende, Ssempebwa & co Advocates (Uganda), discuss how data privacy regulation plays a role in curbing cybercrime.

Things startups should know before applying for VC funding

The truth is, most of the VC funding rejections that startups get happen because the entrepreneur in question has made one or more common mistakes. Here are some common mistakes to avoid.

Creating a national database of addresses for South Africa

In South Africa, address data are maintained in silos at different government entities. There is limited coordination and adherence to international standards; a good practice is lacking around information management.