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The omniscient platforms

Despite us, as individuals not liking any other person to stalk us, we somehow are comfortable with digital platforms collecting all sorts of data on us and constantly monitoring us in the background.

How apps like WhatsApp are changing Zimbabweโ€™s talk radio

Apps like WhatsApp have become so pervasive and immersed in our everyday lives that many more people can now easily communicate with larger numbers of contacts than before. In the context of live talk radio, mobile phones are allowing more people to cheaply and conveniently access studio debates.

Twitter hack exposes a broader threat to democracy

Twitter mediates so much in the public sphere that weak points at the company are weak points in society. Outsiders were able to take over Twitter accounts of high-profile individuals by โ€˜social engineering,โ€™ which allowed them to convince Twitter employees to provide access to its systems.

What you need to know about the largely right-wing Twitter alternative, Parler

Hereโ€™s what you need to know about the largely right-wing social media platform creeping into headlines, Parler.

Cameroon's government decries the abusive use of social media

Cameroon's government has warned that those who continue to spread "perceived" false information about politicians on social media platforms risk facing the heavy arm of the law.

The role social media plays during a pandemic like COVID-19

The community networks that social platforms host go much deeper than the technology. They have enabled a shift in the way we communicate with each other โ€“ especially in a crisis.

Stopping COVID-19 false information from spreading on social media is difficult

Twitter's efforts to label misinformation during the US primaries haven't met with success. So how do we sift useful coronavirus information from wrong or downright dangerous untruths?