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Nunu Ntshingila Speaks About Facebook’s Growth In Afrika And Helping Businesses Meet Their Goals

From mid-2015 to the first quarter of 2017, Facebook's <a href="” target="_blank">monthly active user (MAU) numbers in Afrika grew by 42% to over 170 million monthly active users. It is tempting to frown or be

Twitter Hopes Its New Standalone Apps Will Connect Power Users And Businesses With Their Audiences

Twitter has introduced two new standalone apps designed to help two different kinds of users to leverage the sheer volume of data that the network generates. Twitter Engage is a companion app for Twitter that provides real-time data and insights for power users such as celebrities and big brands, which

Develop A Comprehensive Plan To Make The Most From Social Media For Your Business

As companies shift focus to leveraging social media platforms, there are a couple of critical steps to keep in mind. Coming up with concrete social media strategies is like building your own road while you drive on it! Here are four strategies that will help you achieve desired results; 1.