Sierra Leone

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Motorcycles more cost-effective for medical deliveries than drones

Researchers have compared delivery of medical lab samples using drones or motorcycles. Their discovery has been that drones are not as cost-effective as using motorcycles for medical deliveries in most cases.

Dangote Cement keeping an eye on staff

Dangote Cement will be using an iris based technology system to keep an eye on approximately 30,000 staff across 5 countries. The biometric system will also be linked to its payment system to ensure staff is compensated accordingly based on their attendance.

Network of drone testing corridors extended

Sierra Leone and Namibia become part of a global network of drone testing corridors for humanitarian projects.

Sierra Leone is using blockchain technology to track and tally election results

In what is possibly a first not only for Afrika but the world, the country used a blockchain solution to tally up and provide proof of the recently held elections in the country. The blockchain solution used was developed by a Switzerland based voting technology company, Agora. During the elections