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SEACOM deploys 100Gbps Ethernet technology in South Africa

As part of its ongoing investment in capacity for future expansion, SEACOM has deployed 100Gbps Ethernet technology on its IP/MPLS data center core PoPs in Teraco Jhb and Cape Town. The deployment of the 100Gbps Ethernet technology is possibly the first of its kind in Afrika. ![Marc Tinka SEACOM]

Virtualization will reshape the telecommunications industry if it matures

The hype around software-defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV) is growing in the telecoms industry. The hope is that these technologies will enable service providers and network operators to drive down capital expenditure, simplify configuration and maintenance, and improve the agility of their networks. However, as promising as

New Technology Could Accelerate The Pace At Which High-Speed Fibre Spreads In South Africa

Demand for high-speed fibre Internet access is growing at a rapid pace among South African consumers and businesses as fibre to the home and to the business becomes available in more and more parts of South Africa. Yet the telecoms industry could move even faster to meet this rising demand

Two Major Telecommunications Focuses For The Future In Afrika

Since 2009, the Afrikan telecommunications industry has come a long way in connecting people and businesses to reliable, affordable and fast Internet services. The new submarine cables that started to land off the continent’s east and west coasts from 2009 onwards brought with them more affordable and plentiful international

SEACOM Has Acquired MacroLan To Expand Its Fiber Reach In South Africa

As part of expanding its fiber network in South Africa, SEACOM has acquired MacroLan. MacroLan is an Internet Services Provider (ISP) and managed services provider which, according to SEACOM, will now become their Cape Town regional office. MacroLan manages an expanding fibre network serving a growing number of Cape Town’

Cloud Adoption By South African Businesses To Get A Boost From Microsoft's Data Centre Investment

Microsoft’s announcement that it plans to build hyperscale datacentres in Cape Town and Johannesburg to deliver a range of cloud services, is set to give a massive boost to enterprise adoption of Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Software-as-a-Service and other cloud services in South Africa. The decision to locally host cloud services such

Afrika On The Cusp Of A Mobile Broadband Boom

The telecoms industry in Africa is on the cusp of a fibre and mobile broadband boom, as network operators scramble to meet the demand for video, cloud applications and mobile solutions among consumers and businesses. The telecoms industry this year, should be able to accelerate deployment of true broadband services