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Celebrating women scientists and engineers

The old stereotype of girls being bad in science, technology, engineering, and math – those subjects are known as STEM – is far too common. And it could not be farther from the truth.

Quality research from Africa matters

Scientists around Africa are working at the cutting edge of research and their work is relevant beyond the continent.

Africa's scientific capacity and solutions need to be driven by locals

Africa bears a disproportionately high burden of globally significant diseases. But the continent has lagged in scientific knowledge production to address its health challenges.

Nigerian scientists are working to better understand coronavirus

Nigerian scientists have identified seven of over 1,000 coronavirus lineages in Nigeria. Each lineage represents sequences from different countries.

Technology is helping museums manage outdated exhibitions

There are plans to create augmented and virtual reality applications from digitised museum exhibition. Additionally, the digital models could be 3D printed to create scaled-down versions of the fossil models.

Kenya’s Internet balloons are expected to bridge the digital

How Kenya's Internet balloons will work and the opportunities they can bring to the East African country.

It’s important to understand fluid mechanics in order to make sense of COVID-19

Knowing how fluids move can help us understand virus transmission better. What scientists are learning may also inform government policy to reduce the spread of future pandemics like COVID-19.