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Meet the "Yahoo Boys"

Internet fraud – or ‘yahoo-yahoo’ – has become a way of life for some young Nigerian con-artists.

"Yahoo Boys" who defrauded "online lovers" sentenced to prison in Nigeria

Two Nigerian "Yahoo Boys" sentenced to 1 year each in prison in two separate cases of online dating fraud.

This scam used verified Twitter accounts to make over 28 Bitcoins

Promoted tweet scam that impersonated Elon Musk collected over 28 Bitcoins from unsuspecting users.

7 things to remember when you receive an extortion e-mail

A few tips on how to handle ransom or extortion e-mails.

Nigeria's Onyekachi Emmanuel Opara sentenced in New York for e-mail scams

Nigeria's Onyekachi Emmanuel Opara will spend 5 years in a USA prison for defrauding people off millions of dollars with his e-mail scams.