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Egypt to manufacture Samsung educational tablets locally

The government of Egypt has entered into a partnership with Samsung for 5 years. During this period Egypt will manufacture Samsung tablets locally.

Artificial Intelligence has a gender bias problem

All the virtual personal assistants on the market today come with a default female voice and is programmed to respond to all kinds of suggestive questions and comments.

Tech companies funding sport in Africa

A list of some of the companies that are involved in funding sports across Africa. This includes some notable technology brands.

South Africa's smartphone market grew

A new report states that South Africa's smartphone shipments grew by 7% in 2018 as compared to 2017. Although Samsung is still the leading smartphone brand despite dropping shipments by 1%, Mobicel comes in at a surprising second place at 16%.

Africa's growing smartphone market

According to a new report released about the smartphone market in Africa and the Middle East, over 70% of the total smartphones sold in the region during the first quarter of 2019 were in the sub-$150 price segment.

Reports Indicate That Samsung Is Halting Production Of The Galaxy Note7

Last month Samsung was dealt with a big blow after a worldwide recall of about 2.5m Galaxy Note 7 units. This was after reports of about 24 units exploding due to faulty batteries. People were advised to return their Note 7s for replacement, and then they were given 'fixed'