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Uber drivers lose case against the company in South Africa's Labour Court

South Africa's Labour Court has overturned an earlier ruling made in 2017 by the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) which stated that Uber driver partners registered in South Africa can be considered employees of Uber South Africa. The CCMA ruling in 2017 was made after some Uber driver

Uber committed to doing business in Afrika despite SoftBank's statement

Uber has re-emphasized that it is committed to doing business in Afrika. This comes after Uber's largest shareholder, SoftBank, signaled to the ride-hailing company that it should rather focus on its core markets, which exclude Afrika, if it wants to reach profitability faster. The statement was made by SoftBank Director,

How Some Drivers Are Robbing Uber When A Customer Chooses Cash As A Payment Option

It seems some Uber drivers have found a way to rob the ride-hailing platform by abusing the cash payment option. So far, from iAfrikan's investigation, the method used seems to be limited to South Africa with only a low percentage of Uber customers we spoke with having experienced it. In