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South African jobs at risk of being automated

Businesses around the world are cottoning on to the value of transferring labour from human workers to machines. Automation can increase efficiency and decrease labour costs. It helps employers to avoid complex challenges like wage increase demands, labour protests and strikes. Consumers also benefit from automation when products and services

Robots can learn from nature if they want to understand the world

Vision is one of nature’s amazing creations that has been with us for hundreds of millions of years. It’s a key sense for humans, but one we often take for granted: that is, until we start losing it or we try and recreate it for a robot. Many

3 urban prototypes for future living

Before I started working on real-world robots, I wrote about their fictional and historical ancestors. This isn’t so far removed from what I do now. In factories, labs, and of course science fiction, imaginary robots keep fuelling our imagination about artificial humans and autonomous machines. Real-world robots remain surprisingly

Creating jobs in the age of robots and low economic growth

The growth economy suffers from a productivity paradox. Corporations compete to reduce the time and effort that goes into production processes, which is generally seen as a sign of efficiency, but in reality has a troubling outcome. Unless more stuff is produced and consumed, people lose their jobs as the

A few of the reasons why we should tax the robots that are taking human jobs

Automation promises to be one of the great social challenges of our generation. The fear that robots will steal our jobs is an old one. But it’s being felt all the more acutely thanks to the rise of new technology. What’s often overlooked is the role that tax

Are robots worthy of moral consideration?

When psychologists talk about a “moral circle” they are referring to how far we extend our moral consideration towards others. That is, whether we care about the well-being of others, and act accordingly. For most of us, the continuum of our moral circle is pretty straightforward: we include our loved

Humans should not worry about robots taking their jobs

When futurists talk about things that haven’t happened yet, they are free to parade educated guesses as fact. But before we take their word for it, we might remember the old adage: … in God we trust, all others bring data. In a recent article, the MIT Technology Review tabulated