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iAfrikan Bytes - Qhakhaza Mthembu and the iLizwe Lam youth ambassadors talk about the online safety programme

25 April 2018 Qhakaza Mthembu (Head of Strategy at Digify Africa), Nqobile Tshabalala (student / Ilizwe lam youth ambassador), and Jamie-Lee Simelane (student/ Ilizwe lam youth ambassador), join the discussion about online safety for youth in South Africa. Also discussed on the podcast is the iLizwe Lam youth safety training programme

New online youth safety training programme launched in South Africa

Ilizwe Lam, a new youth online safety programme, has been launched in South Africa as a result of a partnership between Facebook and Digify Africa. According to both organizations, the aim is to train 1,000 South African youths aged between 13 to 18 years old across high schools and