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Facebook to help Malawi's government combat "social media abuse"

Facebook will be working together with Malawi's government to look at ways to improve the country's ICT infrastructure. More interesting though, is that Facebook will also be looking to assist the government of Malawi in addressing "social media abuse." This comes as a result of meeting earlier in

Egypt's Government Continues To Block News Websites Without Providing Any Reason And Bypassing ISPs

Egypt's government is reported to be continuing with blocking news websites without providing any reasons and bypassing ISPs (Internet Service Providers). What has also emerged is that the government is now also blocking websites that allow users to access the blocked websites. What is interesting is also that, as Egypt's

Egypt's Government Has Blocked Qatar Linked Online Publications Citing They Incite Terrorism

Egypt has blocked several Qatar-linked online publications such as Al-Jazeera, The Huffington Post Arabic, Qatari News Agency and more. The reason given by the country's government is that the publications "fabricate news" and also incite terrorism. The list of blocked online publications also includes Egyptian publications such as