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Plans to provide internet access for all are lagging

Internet is a ‘lifeline not a luxury’ in the COVID-19 era. Strong policies on broadband infrastructure and access are needed to drive down prices

Uganda's police to use biometrics to identify criminals

New solution in Uganda allows police to capture a suspects’ biometric data and match it against a central database and watchlists.

Time to lay foundations for the future of elections in South Africa

Resources needed and costs involved in running South Africa’s elections could be slashed in future, if South Africa moved towards more efficient digital identity, authentication and votingsystems.

Uganda loses 5 million Internet users as a result of Social Media Tax

As a result of the Social Media tax introduced in 2018, Uganda has seen a significant drop in Internet users.

People generally don’t trust blockchain technology

Blockchain technology was supposed to make trust unnecessary – but that turns out not to be true. Most people will want laws and regulations to help make blockchain-based systems trustworthy.

Afrikan countries need to rethink e-government platforms

Afrikan countries' adoption of e-government platforms hasn't served the majority of their citizens.

The Internet isn't really global

Private companies – many based in the USA – are blocking access to their websites from particular countries around the world. It's contributing to a splintering of the global internet.