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Where are cryptocurrencies making a difference?

The advent of cryptocurrencies is starting to have a profound effect on both financial markets and in everyday life. Blockchain technology that acts as a platform for the transacting business with cryptocurrencies has already been embraced by a number of very important industries all across the world. While the concept

How blockchain technology can improve cybersecurity

As technology gets better, hackers get better in their threats and plots. The only good news is that the hackers can never outsmart the entire tech-savvy population.

Exploiting cybersecurity vulnerabilities

Here are some of the major problems that are currently plaguing the Cybersecurity landscape and the solutions that you can employ to combat them.

South African rand buoyed by improved manufacturing output

South Africa’s manufacturing output has risen to its highest point since October 2016, according to new data released December 2018. Manufacturing output rose faster than anticipated in October 2018, which has helped to lift the South African rand amid further signs of economic recovery from the nation’s recent

Loyalty rewards programs save South African consumers billions

According to a recently conducted survey, South African consumers have saved themselves billions by taking advantage of loyalty rewards programs. With the country’s waning economy making itself felt, ever growing numbers are using the points awarded to offset the cost of goods like fuel, food, and even electricity. Β  This

Stellar Lumens: The new star in the crypto firmament

Stellar Lumens (XLM), popularly known as Stellar, is indeed making waves. Stellar, which was launched in July 2014, unseated some top names to occupy the fourth rank among cryptocurrencies in 2018. The crypto started off 2017 on a spectacular note, recording a whopping 250% growth and achieving a market cap

Following these lifestyle habits will create a good foundation for business success

In early 2017, the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor released a report stating that there are currently β€œ582 million people in this world in the process of starting or running their own business.” Whether you are launching a new startupor opening a neighborhood restaurant, the challenges of being an entrepreneur are significant.