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How the COVID-19 pandemic is changing Africa’s Digital Space

The impact of COVID-19 joins a long list of factors that expose Africa’s perceived economic backwardness; prompted by some of the infrastructures either lying in a poor state, being dormant, lagging on up-to-date trends or being summarily unavailable to the majority of the working population.

Paga Is Now Fully Integrated Into Nigeria's Banking System

Paga is now fully integrated into Nigeria's banking system to allow customers to transfer money to their Paga accounts instantly from any bank in Nigeria, and vice-versa. Before this, customers would have to use a Paga agent to make a deposit or physically visit a bank. Paga is a payments

Nigeria's Paga Enter Partnership With MFS Africa

Nigeria's Paga, a mobile payments company, have announced that they have entered into a partnership with MFS Africa, a pan African company that provides a gateway for the sending of money to mobile wallets. The partnership will allow Paga users and Nigerian bank account holders to receive remittances from around