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Fixing South Africaโ€™s taxi industry

South Africa's government has initiated a process to formalize and regulate the countryโ€™s large, yet informal minibus taxi industry, to make it viable and free of violence.

Access to information can help Africa solve many of its problems

While the Information Age may have peaked, there are still opportunities that are yet to be unlocked especially in marginalized societies and communities. There are still places where people have not enjoyed the full benefits of access to information, due to skill levels or lack of resources.

Banking fraud is on the rise in Kenya

People in Kenya have taken to social media to complain of bank accounts wiped clean by fraudsters. In most of those cases, banks have been blamed for either having a role to play in it through insiders.

Breaking Kenya free from its technology lab status

Kenya and the larger African continent offers a soft-landing with odds of success much higher for pretty much any well thought out concept backed by brilliant minds and a bit of runway.

Newsletters hold great potential for revenue generation

Done right, e-mail offers a richer content and user experience that can create consumer stickiness and generate both ad hoc and cyclic demand.

Open banking is the path to transformative financial service experiences

We talk of new generation fintech as driving financial inclusion by making it easier and cheaper to transact or move value, but we must take a step back and realize that with all that activity and growth, your data remains locked up with each service provider.

Cash transfers can help refugees but they come with risks

Credit, related to cash transfers, is a form of informal community support, and eliminating it is both undesirable and infeasible. However, agencies should take steps to prevent highly vulnerable refugee households from falling into high levels of debt.