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Impact of digital technologies on the civic space

As the recent Uganda elections example affirms, digital technologies are not going anywhere, and unless we act now, they will continue to be used by repressive governments and other actors to not only maintain the status quo but also erode the gains being made by people to challenge this.

How fintech is driving financial inclusion

Over the long term, this is essentially about going beyond fintech and providing an ecosystem that empowers users on a gradual but progressive journey to financial inclusion.

The slow rise of electric vehicles in Kenya

While not something that one encounters every day, electric vehicles (EVs) have already made their presence in Kenya. There are even some startups that are making a huge bet on the same.

Energy storage is a key piece of the puzzle in South Africaโ€™s energy transition

The roll-out of wind and solar PV projects will undoubtedly deliver significant benefits to South Africa's power sector and the broader economy. The intermittent nature of these technologies does, however, pose unique challenges for the system operator in maintaining a secure and stable power grid.

Celebrating women scientists and engineers

The old stereotype of girls being bad in science, technology, engineering, and math โ€“ those subjects are known as STEM โ€“ is far too common. And it could not be farther from the truth.

COVID-19 pandemic impact on women

For women fortunate enough to have jobs, days are often filled with technology, ensuring the continuation of childrenโ€™s education or logistical changes, occupying children whilst in meetings or presenting, doing general household chores, and working late to catch up on work.

The plight of engineers in Kenya

With so many graduate engineers in Kenya and few registered engineers, the professional body of engineers looks like a pyramid scheme. The voice of these graduate engineers is not heard. While graduate engineers need to pay membership fees annually, they are denied voting rights.