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Retail Automation, A Gift, or a Curse?

The supermarket sector is the largest private-sector employer in South Africa. Renewed ambitions to use self-service technology in food stores have controversially upset retail unions and workers.

How technology can build opportunities for entrepreneurs in their communities

In particular, technology should help solve existing problems. Whether it’s sending and receiving money across national borders, making sure people can get to scheduled healthcare appointments, or helping store owners accept and track payments, there are problems to be solved.

The Problem of Capital for SMEs in Kenya

A report by the Central Bank of Kenya showed that banks turned away 28% of all SMEs that came knocking for credit in 2020. Microfinance institutions reported even a higher percentage.

The Rise of African Digital Banks

The rapid migration from traditional banks to digital banks by the market is driven by the low cost of entry.Thanks to technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, chatbots, automation, and blockchain alike

Prepare today for the crisis of tomorrow

According to McKinsey, future-ready companies share three characteristics: they know who they are and what they stand for, they operate with a fixation on speed and simplicity, and they grow by scaling up their ability to learn, innovate, and seek good ideas regardless of their origin.

Lessons from development failures

Once in a while, technologies that are meant to change the world emerge, but turn out to be nothing but hot air. In fact, many end up making bad problems worse.

Nigeria looks to Big Tech to digitize fragile economy

After months of talks, the Nigerian government inked a deal with technology giant Microsoft designed to pave the way for future generations by transforming the economy and preparing the country’s youth for the digital age.