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Huduma Namba promised much but has failed to deliver

The current identification system in Kenya has a major limitation because it is not digital. All the information is on physical paper, with a passport photo and a signature as the primary method of identification. It was hoped Huduma Namba would solve this.

Love in the age of algorithms

People can easily misrepresent themselves online, but would an AI be able to figure out if this happens?

The M-PESA 1Tap service that failed

A few years ago, Safaricom introduced M-PESA 1Tap in Kenya, a service that was supposed to revolutionize payments. Unfortunately, despite it reducing the number of steps taken to make a payment, it failed.

Nigeria’s census is always tricky

There is a need to strengthen the scientific structure of Nigeria's National Population Commission. It needs a technical committee of Nigerian experts from universities and research centers at home and in the diaspora.

Top 10 articles from 2020 that you should read

Our editorial team recommends the following top 10 articles from 2020. We think you should read them as part of your review of the year that caught us all by surprise.

Top 10 must-read issues of the Daily Brief newsletter from 2020

As we published the iAfrikan Daily Brief newsletter in 2020, we observed that digital transformation was among the top topics. Our editorial team has put a list together of the top 10 editions of the newsletter from 2020 you must read.

Kenya's fight against the narcotics trade raises privacy concerns

Kenya's National Intelligence Services has proposed changes to the Narcotics, Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (Control) Bill that will require landlords to keep a tenants registry. It is said this is to fight illegal drug trading in Kenya but the changes raise several privacy concerns.