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Cash transfers can help refugees but they come with risks

Credit, related to cash transfers, is a form of informal community support, and eliminating it is both undesirable and infeasible. However, agencies should take steps to prevent highly vulnerable refugee households from falling into high levels of debt.

How to teach children about cybersecurity

Password education should be age appropriate and these best practice principles should help adults to teach the principles to children in an age-appropriate way.

What you need to know about Nigeria’s new competition law

An unregulated economy leaves the economically disadvantaged at the mercy of the rich and powerful, this has been the case in Nigeria for a long time. With the new competition law, this could change.

Big Tech companies operate with impunity and lack of transparency

Transparency is not something Big Tech is willing to fully embrace, and the (little) progress they have made in the past few years in being more transparent has come not because they wanted to, but because they have been pressured to be more transparent.

Becoming a cyborg is as simple as implanting chips in your hands

This researcher is a cyborg. Cyborgs are people with additional technological hardware connected to their bodies. The researcher is concerned that people may one day be implanted with chips without their consent.

What the TikTok deal means for user data and geopolitics

As TikTok already stores data in the USA or Singapore, the move to Oracle-provided infrastructure is unlikely to have any tangible impact on users. The (claimed) national security concerns will likely remain – if ByteDance retains a significant share in TikTok Global.

The problem with the gig economy

The biggest challenge with gig work, which has a net negative effect on user experience, is that of creating, distilling, and entrenching culture that upholds service excellence.