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5 African Fintech startups to watch

The World Bank Global Findex shows that 60% of the population in Africa donโ€™t have a bank account. Here is a list of 5 Fintech startups to watch in Africa.

Dolapo Amusat on data and the future of job creation in Nigeria

Dolapo Amusat talks to us about data analytics and job creation in Nigeria. He says more jobs, even jobs that are not necessarily traditional data analytics role, jobs like finance, marketing, HR now require data analytics skills.

Africa's sachet economy

It appears that sachets dominate the retail industry in many parts of Africa. One of the reasons they have become popular is that they are less costly, mainly for the manufacturer, and not the consumer.

Nigeriaโ€™s poor power supply is hampering the country's development

Nigeria faces the triple challenge of providing a reliable power supply, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and keeping energy affordable to consumers. Lagos only gets about 10% of its electricity needs, leaving its 20 million inhabitants to their own devices.

Insights into how social media could help Lagos police officers fight crime

The internet is an important tool for fighting crime in Lagos. The Nigeria Police Force needs to create and implement measures for police-citizen engagement via social media.

MTN Group sold its 18,9% stake in Jumia Technologies

MTN Group has announced that it has sold its 18,9% stake in New York Stock Exchange-listed Jumia Group. This ends MTN's journey as an investor in Jumia since 2013.

Digital evidence of #EndSARS army shooting will make impunity hard for Nigeria's government

Itโ€™s relatively common for armed forces to open fire on peaceful protesters in Nigeria. Previously, the government would control the flow of information and as a result, the popular narrative. This time, they can't.