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How African countries can prepare for future disruptions

African countries need people who have skills and discipline to drive the next set of digital technology innovations. Education will play a major part in this.

Showmax launched a new service in Kenya and Nigeria

Showmax has launched a new service, Showmax Pro, which bundles the existing Showmax entertainment service with music channels, news, and live sport streaming from SuperSport. The service will initially roll out in Nigeria and Kenya, with additional countries following shortly after.

We don't really own the digital possessions that we buy online

Once you purchase a physical book, you own it entirely. However, when you buy an ebook online, it can be taken back from you.

Netflix's business model doesn't make much sense unless it plans to monetize user data

Netflix currently spends much more cash than it brings in, leading to consistent negative cash flow and a mountain of debt. Something doesn't add up with its business model, unless it plans to monetize user data.

MultiChoice will now offer Netflix and Amazon Prime to its subscribers

MultiChoice Group has gone from seeing Netflix and Amazon Prime Video as competitors who have an unfair advantage, to incorporating them as part of their subscription offering.

Despite capitalizing on self-isolation, Netflix faces many challenges

Netflix has added millions more subscribers as people practice social isolation to control the coronavirus. However, the service's diverse menu of content is not an efficient business model.

Netflix' investment into Nollywood

Netflix has increased its investment in Nigeria’s film industry, Nollywood. As part of this, Nollywood should also focus on the economics of creativity. The industry needs metrics to track and measure skills and output of performances.