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NASAโ€™s big mission to search for life on Mars

NASA is taking the next giant leap in its exploration of Mars. The rocks collected by Perseverance may be our only shot in the foreseeable future to search for signs of life with samples from another planet.

Corporations could be allowed to own territory in space

Diplomatic manoeuvring can be expected over the coming months as the USA seeks support for its attempt to redirect international space resources law.

What happens to astronauts' brains when in space

So exactly how does the human brain cope with microgravity? Poorly, in a nutshell โ€“ although information about this is limited. This is surprising since weโ€™re familiar with astronautsโ€™ faces becoming red and bloated during weightlessness.

The science behind the SpaceX astronaut launch

To intercept the International Space Station (ISS), the SpaceX capsule must match the stationโ€™s speed, altitude and inclination. Here's is the science behind that.

Why NASA chose Senegal

Senegal has made great strides in astronomy and planetary sciences in recent years.

NASA set to observe outer planets from Senegal

A mission of 40 NASA scientists is heading to Senegal at the start of August 2018, to help with the planning for the final stage the New Horizons space mission to observe the outer planets. It will also strengthen science in the country, says David Baratoux, the chairman of the

We are getting closer to finding traces of life on Mars

It was to a great fanfare of publicity that researchers announced they had found evidence for past life on Mars in 1996. What they claimed they had discovered was a fossilised micro-organism in a Martian meteorite, which they argued was evidence that there has once been life on the Red