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Cloudflare Now Classifies Coin Hive As Malware, Bans Sites That Run The Script

CloudFlare has apparently dropped one of its customers because it runs the Coin Hive crypto mining script on some of its websites., a CloudFlare customer, revealed that it was informed by the online security, CDN (content delivery network) and DNS provider that it is terminating their relationship as

Showtime Used Its Websites To Secretly Mine Cryptocurrencies Off Visitors' Computers

Following visitor complaints, it has been revealed that CBS' Showtime has been using some of its websites to secretly mine cryptocurrencies off visitors' computers. Just like in the case that we reported on involving Memeburn, Showtime was also using the Coin Hive script embededd in its website and didn't ask

Memeburn Has 'Unintentionally' Been Mining Cryptocurrencies From Their Website Visitors' Computers

Earlier on 20 September 2017 Memeburn, a website that focusses on everything digital in emerging markets, shut down its website after a user complained of high CPU usage when visiting their website. It turned out that Memeburn had been running a Coin Hive script to mine cryptocurrencies off their website