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USA removes Wakanda as trade partner after initially listing it as one

The USA's Department of Agriculture listed Wakanda as a trade partner only to remove it a day later after many people on Twitter highlighted the error.

Black Panther 2 confirmed

Marvel Studios has confirmed that Black Panther 2 movie is coming. This was announced by Kevin Feige, the company's president at Comic-Con in San Diego.

Avengers Endgame crosses the $2 billion mark in record time

Avengers Endgame has crossed the $2 billion mark in cinema ticket sales in record time.

Avengers Endgame smashed box office record

Avengers Endgame smashed box office record, $1,2 billion in global cinema ticket sales during opening weekend

Trevor Noah's role in the Black Panther movie

It looks like most people missed that Trevor Noah had a role in the record breaking Afrofuturism Black Panther movie. Noah's part in the movie is brief and it is a voice-over role. Noah's name also appears in the movies credits as first reported by, as the voice

Black Panther’s reimagining of Afrika

Watching Marvel’s highly anticipated comic-book film adaptation, Black Panther, was no ordinary tried and tested cinematic experience. Much like the unapologetic showmanship, flamboyance and atmospheric idiosyncrasies of Sunday service black congregational worship, the cinema metamorphosised beyond its remnants of unswept popcorn kernels and sticky milkshake residue into an augmented