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Exploring an African approach and strategies to cybersecurity

In this episode of the Tech Legal Matters podcast, you will hear insights from various stakeholders across Africa and the Middle East as they discuss how their countries' governments handle cybersecurity and how they attempt to have a coordinated plan.

What you need to know about Nigeriaโ€™s new competition law

An unregulated economy leaves the economically disadvantaged at the mercy of the rich and powerful, this has been the case in Nigeria for a long time. With the new competition law, this could change.

Consumer and business legal options you have regarding the Experian Data Breach

Joining us on this episode of the Tech Legal Matters podcast to explain the options we have regarding the Experian Data Breach is Lucien Pierce, an attorney in South Africa who specializes in Cyber Law including data protection and privacy.

Suspect in Experian Data Breach saga denies receiving any data

The Experian Data Breach story is sounding stranger than fiction with each new piece of information that is discovered. This time, it turns out the alleged fraudster has done business in 2017 with a business Experian acquired in 2019.

The business of data

Is the collection of citizen data by a government towards a social score that underpins the nudging of its society towards desired actions agreeable or pointing to the nefarious? Is the use of personal preferences in the crafting of messages that resonate and drive purchase decisions good or bad?

World Cyber Security Summit 2020 - Africa edition

On 28 August 2020, Tresconโ€™s World Cyber Security Summit Africa will unearth cyber intelligence strategies, critical investment opportunities, and threats in the African cybersecurity ecosystem from leading voices in cybersecurity.

Drone usage and South African law

What are the consequences for the user/controller of a drone if it ends up causing damage to people and/or property? To probe this question further the principles found in the Law of Delict provide some guidance.