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Huduma Namba ready in a month

Kenya's government has said that it will start issuing unique Huduma Nambas to citizens in a month. Thereafter electronic cards containing a citizen's data will will be issued, these will contain all data held by different government organizations in Kenya.

Kenya to invest in locally designed and manufactured mobile phones

Kenya is making plans to make its own brand of mobile phones, part of the funds to be allocated by government will be used by Kenyan startups to develop software to run on mobile phones.

Kenya to use Google's Project Loon for high-speed Internet connectivity

Google, a division of Alphabet Inc., has won a contract to provide high-speed Internet connectivity to Kenya's rural areas. Google will be using its balloons under Project Loon to deliver the high-speed Internet access in Kenya. Project Loon is a network of balloons which Google says are traveling on the

Kenya to publish Draft Data Protection Bill

Joseph Mucheru, Kenya's Minister of Information, Communication and Technology, has said that the Draft Data Protection Bill will be published during June 2018 for consideration and comment. The Draft Data Protection Bill will focus on how various businesses and organizations should handle the personal data of Kenyans. Furthermore, the draft