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Spotlight on promising Nigerian startups

Nigeria's Honeywell Group-backed accelerator, Itanna, showcases technology startups in front of investors.

Tomi Otudeko on Honeywell Group's new startup accelerator and thoughts on the ecosystem

Over the past decade or so, Nigeria's technology ecosystem, and especially its tech startup ecosystem, has experienced what can only be described as phenomenal growth. From the number of new startups born out of the West Afrikan country to their expansion across Afrika and the world, Nigeria's tech startups have

New startup accelerator launched in Nigeria

A new startup accelerator has been launched in Lagos, Nigeria. Launched by Honeywell Group, a leading Nigerian corporate, the new accelerator known as Itanna will also be the companies vehicle for investments. Itanna will roll out four-month innovation programmes for tech-enabled Nigerian startups from its newly built Enterprise Factory in