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COVID-19 could prove to be a springboard for R&D across Africa

COVID-19 is taking heavy toll on Africa’s already fragile healthcare systems. It has also led to increased R&D for creating long-term solutions that could help the continent.

Burkina Faso's Marie Korsaga is West Africa’s first female astrophysicist

Marie Korsaga hopes to open astrophysics to other women in Africa. She says astronomy can boost development through jobs and infrastructure.

Seni Sulyman explains what's happening at Andela

According to Seni Sulyman, Vice President of Global Operations at Andela, the company started noticing problems with placing junior level engineers in 2016. As such, they have now resorted to hiring more experienced engineers.

Aisha Pandor on building South Africa's SweepSouth

The on-demand economy has in some quarters been punted as a possible solution to South Africa's unemployment problem. We had a chat with Aisha Pandor, CEO and Co-founder of South Africa's SweepSouth, on her journey building an on-demand startup in South Africa.

Buhle Goslar on financial inclusion in Africa

Buhle Goslar, the newly appointed CEO for Africa at JUMO, spoke to iAfrikan about the company's future plans, financial inclusion and more. JUMO has to date raised over $100 million from investors such as Goldman Sachs and others. JUMO is Africa's largest FinTech startup.

Coding in South African schools

In the near future, the ability to code will be as essential as knowing how to read, write and count. As such, South Africa is training a group of teachers to learn how to code and how to teach coding.

Nicolas Pompigne-Mognard on building a media relations giant

Nicolas Pompigne-Mognard founded APO Group in his living room whilst still employed as a journalist. He spoke to iAfrikan about growing the company into a media relations giant that serves over 300 clients globally.