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Nervis Nzometiah Tetsop has making 3D printers using recycled electronic waste

Nervis Nzometiah Tetsop’s project is designed to make 3D printers using recycled electronic waste. The project is said to be environmentally friendly.

Technology can help people manage their diabetes

Interventions using m-health show promise as it could improve care for patients with chronic conditions. A previous study in Senegal has shown that simple interventions delivered via mobile applications can help to decrease diabetes risk factors such as an unhealthy diet and physical inactivity.

Competition to reward Cameroon's best technology projects

Cameroon ICT Innovation Week is an annual gathering that brings together hundreds of Cameroonian youth with amazing ICT start-up ideas to exhibit their skills, network among themselves, and find avenues for the funding of such projects to maturation.

Digitizing Africa 0️⃣1️⃣

We need to make an intentional effort to digitize Africa. Not only to help with better data for making policy decisions, but for improving lives too.

Smart investments in technology can help beef up Africa’s agriculture economy

Uganda offers some useful lessons from its use of smart investments in technology and farmer organization. These have made it the only East African country that is self-sufficient in milk.

A new technique for eye imaging

A new innovative technology that is based on recent advances in MRI allows for taking many snapshots of an object that repeatedly moves, such as the beating heart or moving eye.

Kenya’s Internet balloons are expected to bridge the digital

How Kenya's Internet balloons will work and the opportunities they can bring to the East African country.