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Miko Rwayitare - the man who built Africa's first-ever mobile network

Long before mobile phones were popular in Africa, and even in Western countries such as the USA, Zaire (present day Democratic Republic of Congo) already had a reported 3,000 mobile phone subscribers on the first ever mobile network in Africa.

Encryption's role in the liberation of South Africa

During Apartheid, the movement and communications of political activists in South Africa were monitored by the National Party government of the time. As such, the ANC developed an encryption solution to evade detection.

Art and technology helped bring faces of the dead to life

Through science, art and technology, we are able to reconstruct the faces of the dead based on their remains. The researcher who did this work for descendants in Sutherland explains the process.

Mikhail Kalashnikov, the inventor of Africa's deadliest weapon

One hundred years ago, the inventor of the most deadly weapons of the 20th century was born in Russia. Now more than 100 million of his namesake guns have been manufactured and used around Africa and the rest of the world.

New genetic analysis shows that Botswana is the ancestral home of humanity

It is now clear that human ancestors must have dispersed from a region south of the Zambezi River. This is consistent with geographical, archaeological and climate data, including the fact that this area would have been a fertile wetland at the time the first modern humans emerged.

5 milestones in the development of the Internet

50 years ago the first network message was sent across ARPANET, a predecessor of the Internet. Here are five key moments in the ongoing development of the Internet.

The world's first computer

The ABC weighed over 700 pounds and used vacuum tubes. It had a rotating drum, a little bigger than a paint can, that had small capacitors on it. A capacitor is device that can store an electric charge, like a battery.