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Trevor Noah's role in the Black Panther movie

It looks like most people missed that Trevor Noah had a role in the record breaking Afrofuturism Black Panther movie. Noah's part in the movie is brief and it is a voice-over role. Noah's name also appears in the movies credits as first reported by comicbook.com, as the voice

Black Panther crosses $1 billion in world wide cinema ticket sales

In just under 4 weeks of being released, the Black Panther movie has crossed $1 billion at world wide box office. The movie achieved this milestone on its second day of opening in Chinese cinemas. Only four other movies by Marvel Studios have ever passed the $1 billion box office

Hannah Beachler talks about designing Wakanda

At the time of publishing this article, the Black Panther movie is on the second day of its opening weekend in Chinese cinemas. Before opening in China on Friday, the Marvel Studios movie directed by Ryan Coogler had already grossed well over $900 million from cinemas globally, and it is