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Analysis of the #GuptaLeaks e-mail network

With the release of a slice of the #GuptaLeaks e-mail correspondence by parliament, there is now an opportunity to do some data mining. For this article we will focus on looking at the network of e-mails between individuals in the network. Where did the data come from? In this case,

SAP Must Explain Why It Denied And Did Not Investigate Bribery Allegations In South Africa Back In February 2017

On 21 February 2017 iAfrikan reported that SAP South Africa's Managing Director, Lawrence Kandaswami, had been implicated in an alleged $38 Million bribery and kickback scandal involving South Africa's Department of Water and Sanitations. However, in communications with iAfrikan earlier in 2017 after the article was published, SAP unequivocally denied