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SureBet247 is in violation of the European Union's GDPR

SureBet247 is in possible violation of the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) . A German customer has come forward to confirm that their data is part of the breach.

The importance of HTTPS

Using HTTPS for your website, even if it is a static website, is important.

Truecaller wants to record your calls

Truecaller, the caller-ID app that lets users automatically block unwanted and spam calls, has announced a new feature that will allow users to record calls. The "Premium" feature will first be available to Androud users. Demostration of how Truecaller's call recording Premium feature is activated. The company has

Why GDPR probably doesn’t apply to the Liberty data breach

Liberty Group (“Liberty”) released a communication on 18 June 2018, advising that “it has been subjected to illegal and unauthorised access to its IT infrastructure”. The data that was the subject of the breach seemed to be “largely emails and possibly attachments.” GDPR background About 3 weeks before that, on

Kenya to publish Draft Data Protection Bill

Joseph Mucheru, Kenya's Minister of Information, Communication and Technology, has said that the Draft Data Protection Bill will be published during June 2018 for consideration and comment. The Draft Data Protection Bill will focus on how various businesses and organizations should handle the personal data of Kenyans. Furthermore, the draft

Holding Liberty accountable

Liberty claims that it is in control of its technology and data infrastructure after a massive data breach but the fact that hackers could extract data undetected is alarming. Cyber criminals are now claiming a ransom to not release the information of Liberty’s top clients and this news has

A GDPR explainer

Even though the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) does not come into force until May 25, businesses and consumers have been wearily feeling its effects for some time. GDPR is the European Union’s latest effort to protect the personal privacy of its citizens – and it comes with teeth. As