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Understanding your household electricity consumption

The main indicator of the amount of electrical energy that a household appliance or device consumes lies in its power rating. The other factor is the time that it is running.

Egypt to manufacture Samsung educational tablets locally

The government of Egypt has entered into a partnership with Samsung for 5 years. During this period Egypt will manufacture Samsung tablets locally.

Online sales booming as gadgets continue to win over African ​public

Sales of gadgets have seen a significant increase in online shops. African consumers have taken to e-commerce to buy their electronic gadgets.

How electricity and home appliances have evolved

Although much has changed, current wiring practices are very rigid and possibly fit for the late ’80s. Even houses that are being built today fail to plan for the increasing number of appliances that are in use today and with little planning for smart devices.

Significant improvement in computer sales in Egypt during 2020

The mobile market in Egypt declined by between 4%-5% during 2020, as the volume of sales of smartphones and accessories reached about EGP 47bn. At the same time, computer sales in Egypt grew to 500,000 in 2020.

Based on this programmer's research TikTok is effectively spyware

TikTok has been labeled as effectively "legitimate spyware" by a software programmer who managed to reverse engineer its source code and leak it on GitHub. TikTok's legal counsel has since had the code taken down through a DMCA takedown request.

Digital devices sales in Kenya grew by 84% during 2020

Between April and October 2020, the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics reports that Kenyans spent KShs 16.9 billion on devices such as computers, smartphones, and networking devices. Growth in sales of nearly 85%.