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Lessons from South African entrepreneurs surviving against unbelievable odds

Survivalist entrepreneurs in South Africa are determined to overcome individual, social and structural challenges. Their income is meager but they voice a need for independence from financial assistance by others.

The African Development Bank Believes Afrika's Future Depends On Industrialization And Entrepreneurship

The African Development Bank Group (AfDB) has said that it believes that Afrika's future lies with industrialization and entrepreneurship. This view was echoed by participants at the "52nd Annual Meeting of the AfDB" held in Ahmedabad, India. The meeting also marked the release of the African Economic Outlook

How Entreprenuers Can Cope With Uncertainty

An entrepreneur’s journey is full of surprises. We know it’s not always filled with fun and excitement. It’s a journey filled with pivots, obstacles, challenges, etc. But one of the main challenges many entrepreneurs face is how to cope with uncertainty. Uncertainty is a quality to be

Olatorera Oniru's DressMeOutlet.com Is One Of Afrika's Fastest Growing Online Fashion Retailers

Olatorera Oniru is the founder of Dressmeoutlet.com, an online retailer of fashion, beauty, and home goods. Olatorera is super passionate about all things Africa, never forgetting to learn, dive and gallop through her life with a vision to witness the continent develop to its full potential. Dressmeoutlet.com is

Meet Jeremy Riro, A Young Entrepreneur Crafting Sustainable Solutions For Businesses Across Afrika

Jeremy Riro is a strategy consultant and investment analyst, whose firm Fie-Consult, is supporting entrepreneurs to create sustainable solutions and overcome the various challenges they face across Sub-Saharan Africa. Based in Nairobi, Kenya, Fie-Consult was founded in 2014 to support Micro-, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and help them grow

This Ugandan Lawyer-Turned-Serial Entrepreneur Is Using The Internet To Grow His Business

Alexander Twinokwesiga, or Twino as he is commonly known, is a Ugandan serial social entrepreneur and struggling writer who happens to have trained as a lawyer. In January of this year, Twino made a bold move that some would consider overly ambitious, and a potential failure. He launched alextwino.com,