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During the second quarter of 2020, there were 2 million phishing attacks across Africa

According to a recent report, 2,023,501 phishing attacks in South Africa, Kenya, Egypt, Nigeria, Rwanda, and Ethiopia have been detected during the second quarter of 2020.

Huawei's AppGallery is thriving in Egypt

Huawei's approach when it comes to AppGallery, its app marketplace, is that it adopted a local-first strategy. In Egypt, they have been focussing on local app onboarding.

Egypt has sentenced 5 women to 2 years in jail for their TikTok videos

Five women have been sentenced to 2 years in jail in Egypt over their TikTok videos which the authorities have said are a violation of public morals.

TikTok’s popularity has raised eyebrows with some countries' governments

Some African governments are starting to feel concerned about TikTok. In Egypt, Menna Abdel Aziz used social media to ask for protection after a sexual assault. She was arrested on various charges, including misusing social media.

A Canadian runs 21 pages dedicated to African countries on Reddit

Since 2011, almost half of the pages dedicated to African countries on Reddit, the world’s 20th-most popular website, are run by a Canadian. Without any luck to changes this, users of the Eritrean subreddit started a campaign that has managed to get enough traction to get a response.

Free digital technology training scholarship for 100,000 youth in Egypt

Egypt’s Information Technology Development Agency is offering 100,000 young people in the country free online digital technology training in partnership with Udacity. This is as part of its strategy to prepare them to have skills that are relevant to the job market.

Uber discontinues its Uber Eats food delivery service in Egypt

Uber has decided to discontinue Uber Eats in Egypt. Apart from Egypt, Uber Eats will also cease operating in Saudi Arabia, and in the United Arab Emirates, Uber Eats will be merged with Careem.