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Content creators across Africa called to participate in accelerator programme

Tshimologong has announced the fifth edition of the Digital Lab Africa (DLA), a mentorship and incubation program for African creatives in innovative and digital content

Vidiol Tsague, the teen airplane prototype designer

Vidiol Tsague's airplane, which physically looks exactly like a real passenger carrier, flies with the help of a battery and is piloted using a locally-made remote control. It weighs nearly 3.5 kilograms and it’s about two meters long.

Tips to help you make the most of your website

For most people, a website is a one-time thing that you set up and you sit and wait, expecting that it will bring you the sales or the publicity you need. That is where they get it wrong.

Algorithms are already designing better buildings

Algorithms will soon be a standard way of augmenting our ability to see the invisible and design the unthought in our buildings.

Social media platforms need to be redesigned in a way that reduces FoMO

New research has identified the main triggers of the social media psychological phenomenon known as "FoMO" (Fear of missing out), the contexts in which it happens and the types of fears involved in it.

Hackathon to fight fake news in Kenya

Andela will be hosting a "Fighting Fake News" Hackathon in Nairobi on 9 and 10 November 2018.

The future of design

How technology is helping designers, architects, engineers, visual artists, students and makers to create everything from buildings and bridges to cars and other physical products to movies and video games.