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Streamed music is driving the comeback of vinyl

A story of predators and prey โ€“ and is not unique to the music industry. Once the appearance of new technology leads to the extinction of the previous one, it can be interesting to look at what existed before.

Making music streaming more fair

Instead of the regularly used market share-based payment system that is widely used in the music streaming industry, Deezer wants to educate listeners on how UCPS benefits music artists more.

Apparently people lie about what music they stream

Research uncovers why people are hiding their true music preferences. International survey of 8,000 adults finds 42% tell โ€˜musical mistruthsโ€™ about the songs and artists theyโ€™ve listened to.

The age at which we apparently experience "musical paralysis"

Musical paralysis, which is defined as the time at which we stop discovering new music and start listening to the same tracks and genres over and over again, is apparently prevalent and at its peak in our 20s. This is according to research that was commissioned by the music streaming