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Africaโ€™s cloud is a matter of data sovereignty and national security

Africa is in an innovation battle over its cloud computing landscape. Multinationals are quickly scrambling and consolidating their positions as โ€˜kings of dataโ€™ in Africa.

Africa's focus must be on data centers

The irony of the internet is that most African websites are hosted in Europe. This highlights the importance of having more data centers across Africa.

The newly completed National Data Center at Konza Technopolis is a good step for Kenya

To establish Kenya as a regional digital hub, there needs to be more data center players in the country.

Cameroon has unveiled central Africa's biggest data center

A data center has been unveiled in the town of Zamengoรฉ near Cameroonโ€™s capital, Yaounde. Built by Huawei, the data center has a 2,000 terabyte storage capacity.

Amazon announces AWS Data Center Region in Cape Town, South Africa

A new AWS data center has been announced by Amazon in Cape Town South Africa. Werner Vogels: CTO & VP of Amazon, explains the need to providing access to scalable, dependable, and highly secure computing power during this trying time to keep organisations moving forward.

Lessons learned while building a tech startup

Some lessons learned through the journey of building a technology startup in Kenya, and other parts of Africa. Hopefully you will relate with some of these lessons in your business, or even in life.

The problem of software piracy in Kenya

Why do Kenyans love pirated software as opposed to genuine software which guarantees more security and support? Pirated software is cheap, easily accessible, and it is socially acceptable to use stolen software.