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You wear it well

Wearable technologies are the wave of the future, and can have a positive impact on a range of industries – provided there is fast, high-quality connectivity for them to make use of. The idea of wearable technology has been with us since at least as far back as the original β€˜Star

Connectivity is key

The increased adoption of new and evolving digital technologies will continue to transform the way businesses innovate their operating models, digitize their product and services portfolios and engage with stakeholders. A Microsoft study conducted in the middle of 2017 put the percentage of South African companies that have already embarked

New Technology Could Accelerate The Pace At Which High-Speed Fibre Spreads In South Africa

Demand for high-speed fibre Internet access is growing at a rapid pace among South African consumers and businesses as fibre to the home and to the business becomes available in more and more parts of South Africa. Yet the telecoms industry could move even faster to meet this rising demand