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No money, more problems 💳

Giving poor people more payment options doesn't solve their problem of lack of money. In some cases it makes it worse due to some of the fees some of the Fintech services charge, which are more expensive than handling physical cash.

Data, the new oil 🛢️

Despite general consensus that "data is the new oil," some in Nigeria's government seem to still be stuck with the idea of crude oil being around forever.

Government failure, startup opportunity 🚌

Across Africa the failure of some governments to fulfill some of their basic functions is leaving a gap for privately-owned companies to provide what are supposed to e public services. But, at what cost?

Regulation as a Trojan Horse 🐎

Sometimes new tech policies and regulations introduced by governments might on the surface appear to be good. However, when you scratch the surface, a Trojan Horse might be revealed.

Regulation or rent-seeking? 🤔

With any tech regulation or policy passed, it has to pass a test determining whether it benefits citizens or not. If it doesn't, it is likely there is corruption involved. Alternatively, it could just be rent-seeking.

Kwarapshin 💸

Kwarapshin, as it is sometimes known in Nigeria, is not unique to Africa, it happens across all countries in the world. However, looting public funds has a more pronounced effect on citizens' lives in Africa.

Digitizing Africa 0️⃣1️⃣

We need to make an intentional effort to digitize Africa. Not only to help with better data for making policy decisions, but for improving lives too.