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Bitcoin Standard πŸ’°

Considering the cost of transactions, price volatility, and the speed at which transactions are verified on the Bitcoin network, what benefit will adopting a Bitcoin Standard be for a country such as Nigeria?

Africa's Unicorns 🦏

Africa's next unicorns in the next five years are likely to emerge from industries that are "building the railings" to enable other parts of commerce and society, most likely fintech, digital marketplaces, and transportation and logistics.

E-commerce Boom πŸ“ˆ

Beyond just growth in economic activity and the growth of the e-commerce marketplaces, this spike in e-commerce growth has some second-order effects along the supply chain. Especially with logistics and payments companies.

Internet Outage? ☁️

The thing is, the problem is not the internet, by design, it is decentralized. It’s a network of millions of computers interconnected to each other. If one fails, the internet continues to work.

β‚Ώitcoin Plunge πŸ“‰

Clarity is needed on how the FBI obtained the private keys to the Bitcoin wallet involved in the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack. Until then, a lot of people will remain skeptical about trusting Bitcoin.

#TwitterBan πŸ“΅

The battle between Twitter and Nigeria's government raises a question that has been lingering since the social media platform decided to suspend former US President, Donald Trump.

Time Bomb πŸ’£

Currently 43% of youth in South Africa aged between 15 - 34 years old are unemployed, and not in education or training. Why isn't the South African government putting all their energy into stopping this ticking time bomb?