Cyber crime

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FBI takes down Nigerian-based phishing scheme that cost businesses $14 million

The FBI's Operation WireWire made 74 arrests, including 29 in Nigeria, a further 42 in the USA, and three individuals that were based in Canada, Poland and Mauritius respectively.

Over 80% of home Wi-Fi routers have known security vulnerabilities

No surprises as research reveals over 80% of home Wi-Fi routers have known vulnerabilities.

7 things to remember when you receive an extortion e-mail

A few tips on how to handle ransom or extortion e-mails.

How easy it is to be scammed using an NFC enabled POS device

Given how easy it is to make payments and how NFC enabled credit cards they require no user input, they present a security risk.

How to protect yourself from cyber attacks that use your everyday devices

If you run a business, you’re probably concerned about IT security. Maybe you invest in antivirus software, firewalls and regular system updates. Unfortunately, these measures might not protect you from malicious attacks that enter your systems through everyday devices. On the evening of Friday the 24th of October 2008

Hackers are behind most data breaches according to research

Have you ever had your personal information leaked on the internet? Maybe it was something you purchased online from a website, only to find out that the company was hacked months later? If the answer is β€œyes”, you probably want to know whether the breach was reported and dealt with.

This is why "Nigerian Prince" scams continue to dupeΒ us

With cryptocurrency fraud and IRS scams making headlines, I had thought Nigerian email schemes were a thing of the past, akin to the bygone days when a scammer might offer to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge. So I was surprised to recently come across an article about a 62-year-old Swedish