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How civic technology can help governments engage with citizens

Eldrid Jordaan, founder and CEO of GovChat, talks about the tough journey of building the civic technology platform and how it can help governments.

South Africa's GovChat is set to expand to the DRC, Ghana, and Nigeria

GovChat, the official citizen engagement platform for the South African government has been invited by the governments of Nigeria, Ghana & the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to strengthen citizen engagement.

AfriLabs reaches a significant milestone

AfriLabs, the network of technology and innovation hubs across Afrika, has reached a significant milestone of having a total of a 100 technology and innovation hubs as members of its network. This is because it recently admitted an additional 40 new hubs to its network. This now means that AfriLabs

The thin line between citizen agency and apathy when it comes to civic technology

It’s a sunny segue between afternoon and evening at Hive Colab on Kanjokya St, Kamwokya. Civic technology upstart Evidence and Methods Lab (EML) has just had a successful launch of their U.S Mission in Uganda supported project to visualize complex budget data into short, and terse social media