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GovChat introduces a virtual wallet for their civic technology platform

South African civic technology platform, GovChat, has launched a virtual wallet which will enable citizens to donate money to their chosen causes with ease and no fees.

Afrikan countries need to rethink e-government platforms

Afrikan countries' adoption of e-government platforms hasn't served the majority of their citizens.

The West's unconscious bias against tech inΒ Afrika

The West has an unconscious bias against technology in Afrika.

South African civic technology platform expands to Ghana

South African civic technology platform, GovChat, will officially be launched in Ghana in partnership with the Sekondi-Takoradi Metropolitan during December 2018.

How WhatsApp empowers women in Nigeria

With technology, Nigerian women are able to become agents of their own change.

How civic technology can help governments engage with citizens

Eldrid Jordaan, founder and CEO of GovChat, talks about the tough journey of building the civic technology platform and how it can help governments.

South Africa's GovChat is set to expand to the DRC, Ghana, and Nigeria

GovChat, the official citizen engagement platform for the South African government has been invited by the governments of Nigeria, Ghana & the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to strengthen citizen engagement.