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Khoikhoi and San communities are opposing the building of Amazon's Africa headquarters

Amazon’s planned offices in Cape Town earmarked for their Africa headquarters face a challenge from Khoikhoi and San communities who are opposing the development of the business and residential complex.

Cape Town’s map of water usage aims to limit water usage by residents

The latest weapon in Cape Town’s water saving arsenal is a map that exposes private meter readings to public scrutiny. The initiative has been launched as the South African city enters the third year of its worst drought on record. Unless residents can cut their daily water use to

Curbing Illegal Waste Dumping In South Africa By Predicting Where It Might Happen

Illegal dumping is a major headache for cities and one that costs hundreds of millions of Rand to deal with every year. In Cape Town, it’s costing R350m per year to clean up. In Johannesburg, R50m per year. In Durban, it costs R20m to R50m per year. And that’

Cape Town Is Proposing A Ride-Hailing App For Mini-Bus Taxis

As part of its Integrated Public Transport Network (IPTN) plan, South Africa's City of Cape Town is proposin a ride-hailing app for minibus taxis in the city. The IPTN's main aim is to address traffic congestion in the city. The peoposed ride hailing app will work in a similar manner