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Videoconferencing to be used for government recruitment in Cameroon

The use of videoconferencing for official meetings in Cameroon has become common since the new coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), now public service recruitment will also happen via videoconferencing.

Obstacles facing Cameroon's e-learning drive

Cameroon plans to fully integrate e-learning into schools starting with the new school year that kicks off on 5 October 2020. However, the country has to overcome many problems if it is to make this happen.

Automated cash deposit terminals introduced in Cameroon

According to Afriland First Bank, a number of the automated cash deposit terminals have already been installed at some of their bank’s branches in Cameroon, and the feedback from users has largely been positive.

PWD Bamenda plans to have all its matches streamed on YouTube

PWD Bamenda Football Club from Cameroon's northwestern riddled by armed conflict, is not only planning to start up an online television; it is also looking to exploit social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and WhatsApp, to create a strong nexus with their fans.

German company to produce Cameroon's biometric passports

A German company has been contracted by Cameroon's Police department to make and provide biometric passports in the Central African country. The passports will be produced within 24 hours for applicants residing in Cameroon and 48 hours for those residing abroad.

Cameroon is planning a Universal Health Coverage project

Cameroon's Universal Health Coverage project is touted as a laudable step in efforts to render healthcare more accessible and affordable in a country where most of its citizens die due to a lack of easy access to healthcare services.

In Cameroon, online religious activities are becoming a new normal

Following the implementation of various COVID-19 pandemic related restrictions, religious gatherings in Cameroon are increasingly now happening via online platforms as a new way of life.