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Cameroon's dedicated policy to support tech startups

The development of a dedicated policy to support tech startups signals commitment from Cameroon's government to the development of the digital economy. If implemented properly, these tax incentives should attract investment to Cameroon.

Cameroon suspends new phone tax payment method

Even before the Cameroonian leader called for the suspension of the mobile phone tax on 19 October 2020, key stakeholders involved in the process such as telephone network providers, operators of the electronic platform which was to collect the payment.

Bank of Central African States is looking for a solution to fight illicit financial flows

The Bank of Central African States (BEAC) is looking for a digital solution provider to step up its fight against illicit financial transactions within the sub-region.

Online #EndPhoneTax protest against a new mobile phone tax in Cameroon

There's an ongoing social media campaign for the government to halt the implementation of a new method for the payment of Customs clearance fees for imported mobile devices. The method pushes the burden of payment to the final user in case of default by the importer.

Cameroon’s tax platform suffered a cyberattack

The digital platform used by the government of Cameroon for the management of taxes is said to have suffered what has been qualified by some as a major cyberattack.

Cameroon uses social media to educate citizens on local governance

Ahead of the 6 December 2020 elections, the government of Cameroon has been doing several things to ensure that the elections are successfully organized, including a robust social media campaign intended to educate Cameroonians.

Cameroon introduces electronic payment of Customs clearance fees for mobile phones

Cameroon has a booming market for mobile phones and other mobile devices. According to statistics, the country has at least 23 million mobile subscriptions as of January 2020, representing about 90% of the total population.