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Cameroon is planning a Universal Health Coverage project

Cameroon's Universal Health Coverage project is touted as a laudable step in efforts to render healthcare more accessible and affordable in a country where most of its citizens die due to a lack of easy access to healthcare services.

In Cameroon, online religious activities are becoming a new normal

Following the implementation of various COVID-19 pandemic related restrictions, religious gatherings in Cameroon are increasingly now happening via online platforms as a new way of life.

Public contracts in Cameroon to be awarded exclusively online from 2023

The process to dematerialize the process of awarding public contracts in Cameroon was launched in 2018 by a decree of the country’s Prime Minister at the time, Philemon Yang. From 2023, procurement will happen online.

High-speed internet for Cameroon universities to boost e-learning

Students and staff of Cameroon’s state universities will soon be able to carry out online learning and administrative activities much smoothly thanks to a partnership deal that seeks to install broadband high-speed internet.

Cameroon digital skills program for better employability

Participants gathered in Cameroon’s economic capital, Douala, for a training session that was organized by the country’s National Agency for Information and Communication Technologies (ANTIC) with technical support from the Africa Groups of US tech giants, Microsoft and Facebook.

MTN Cameroon to support the country's digital economy drive

MTN Cameroon has committed to improved quality of service in the Central African country as well as helping the government to realize the goal of a fully digital economy.

Nervis Nzometiah Tetsop has making 3D printers using recycled electronic waste

Nervis Nzometiah Tetsop’s project is designed to make 3D printers using recycled electronic waste. The project is said to be environmentally friendly.