Cambridge Analytica

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Why people leave Facebook

The small numbers of people who delete Facebook are not going to change Facebookโ€™s economic model anytime soon. The future may see the company testing the limits of engagement with social media platforms.

Cambridge Analytica's elections interference in Nigeria and Kenya

Thereโ€™s a growing awareness that Cambridge Analytica harnessed social media and personal data to influence elections including in countries such as Kenya and Nigeria.

How social media can be used to influence elections

Cambridge Analytica played an underhand and secretive role in elections around the world. From the USA's presidential elections, the UK's Brexit referendum, to even the Kenyan general elections. Social media can easily be used to influence elections.

Facebook is stopping researchers from accessing its data

Facebook is closing its doors to researchers in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. The latest casualty is the app Netvizz, a research tool used by hundreds of academics to gather public Facebook data, that the social network has recently banned. The app has gathered more than 300 academic

This is why doxxing is so scary

Itโ€™s almost a given that you have personal information available online. Beyond social media and online discussion boards, there are public records of property ownership and voter registration, as well as massive databases of financial information assembled by credit-rating agencies. Taken individually, many of these pieces of information are

Data ethics and diversity

If the recent Cambridge Analytica data scandal has taught us anything, itโ€™s that the ethical cultures of our largest tech firms need tougher scrutiny. But moral questions about what data should be collected and how it should be used are only the beginning. They raise broader questions about who

Internet privacy issues have been simmering for a while

The world erupted in righteous indignation after it was revealed that Facebook had inadvertently allowed a researcher to harvest personally identifying information belonging to millions of users, a large percentage of whom were unknowingly affected, courtesy of loopholes in the enforcement of policies and regulation of Mark Zuckerbergโ€™s most