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What South Africa’s minibus taxis subsidies must prioritize

If the main purpose of subsidizing and formalizing South Africa's taxi sector is to bolster operators’ finances so that they pay more taxes, it is doomed to fail. Providing more money to the taxi sector is going to change the national government’s problems with revenue generation.

South Africa's e-commerce growth demands efficient delivery services

Research shows that during 2020, 65% of South Africans shopped less at physical supermarkets while, among existing online shoppers, 29% increased their online shopping, and 21% continued as before.

COVID-19 trade restrictions have been devastating for Africa’s urban poor

Trade enables formal firms to flourish, which will be essential for economic recovery. However, trade routes have been significantly disrupted this year in efforts to contain COVID-19.

Africa's sachet economy

It appears that sachets dominate the retail industry in many parts of Africa. One of the reasons they have become popular is that they are less costly, mainly for the manufacturer, and not the consumer.

How remote working has built trust among colleagues

Working from home could have positive and lasting effects on trust among colleagues. COVID-19 may have posed a threat to this trust, but it has also provided ample opportunity and we must not lose sight of this.

Abey Mokgwatsane on the role of leadership in brands and agencies

In this episode of The Lead Creative, Abey Mokgwatsane, the Managing Executive of Brand, Communications, and Sponsorships at Vodacom, unpacks some trends that have influenced both brand and agency relations, as well as strategy.

Nigeria’s poor power supply is hampering the country's development

Nigeria faces the triple challenge of providing a reliable power supply, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and keeping energy affordable to consumers. Lagos only gets about 10% of its electricity needs, leaving its 20 million inhabitants to their own devices.