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Microsoft will be releasing Skype for Content Creators with call recording later in 2018

In an announcement that will probably please podcasters and vloggers, Microsoft is working on a version of Skype that will allow for call recording, including video calls. Known as Skype for Content Creators, it will also allow users to record Skype calls from within other external live streaming and software

This 1988 Public Enemy rap song is more pertinent today than ever

Veteran American hip hop group Public Enemy need no introduction when it comes to paradigm shifts in that music genre. From the moment leader and rapper Chuck D, fellow rappers Flavor Flav and Professor Griff, group DJ Terminator X and the S1W group (aka Security of the First World) launched

Nigeria's Authorities Are Reported To Have Destroyed Breeze FM's Premises

Nigerian state authorities in Nassarawa went ahead and demolished Breeze FM's office and transmitter. The demolishing carried on with the assistance of police who dispersed the crowd that had gathered to apparently try and stop the demolition by shooting in the air. Reasons given for the demolition by Adamu Sule,