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Achieving universal broadband connectivity

With easily accessible internet connectivity, people can search for jobs, gain new skills, and access government services without having to travel to a physical location and stand in queues.

Possibly the most affordable Internet access in South Africa

You can now buy 1,5GB of Internet access at R50 (approximately $3.66) in South africa.

New fiber cable will connect 4 continents via South Africa

This new submarine cable system will span almost 25,000 km.

Connecting the next 4 billion

Global leaders convened to discuss how to leverage broadband to accelerate the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

5G explained

Learn the difference between 3G, 4G and 5G, and why it matters.

For 5G to succeed it needs fiber

5G has been getting a lot of press coverage lately, with the first pilot network in South Africa already being tested and a commercial network running in Lesotho.

Afrika On The Cusp Of A Mobile Broadband Boom

The telecoms industry in Africa is on the cusp of a fibre and mobile broadband boom, as network operators scramble to meet the demand for video, cloud applications and mobile solutions among consumers and businesses. The telecoms industry this year, should be able to accelerate deployment of true broadband services