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Alibaba launched an e-commerce training program in Rwanda

Alibaba Business School has launched its “Global E-commerce Talent” (GET) program in Rwanda. The program is targeted at the East Afrikan country’s university lecturers. Titled the “Global E-commerce Talent – Train the Trainers” program, the e-commerce course, which takes a week to complete, covered topics from the digital economy and

Brian Wong talks about Alibaba's strategy for Afrika and the Netpreneurs Prize

Following on accepting and training their first cohort of 24 Afrikan startups as part of the eFounder Fellowship training programme, Alibaba this year went on to launch another initiative aimed at empowering Afrikan technology startups. Named the Netpreneur Prize, the programme will invest a minimum of $1 million a year

Brian Wong, VP at Alibaba, talks about developing Afrikan e-commerce startups

Earlier in 2017, Jack Ma, Founder and the Executive Chairperson at China's Alibaba Group, made a commitment during his stop over in Rwanda and Kenya that he will be creating a $10 million African Young Entrepreneurs Fund. Along with this fund, Ma promised that he will take some promising Afrikan